About Us


MYANMAR ELITE TOURS is 100 per cent privately owned and operated by experienced consultants who have been in the travel industry for more than 15 years. We always do our very best to provide you with prompt and efficient service along with very competitive prices. We understand that vacation time is precious for everyone and we will help you design the perfect tour or individual package to suit your needs and budget.


Our concept is to fulfill your expectations at every stage of your travel experience in this "Golden Land of Myanmar". If you are looking for an experienced inbound travel planner, don't bother to look further. Try Myanmar Elite Tours!

MYANMAR ELITE TOURS offers you special travel packages – travel throughout Myanmar. Whether you wish to travel independently on a variety of carefully designed private itineraries, or as part of an escorted package where all the planning is done for you and you can simply sit back and relax, we have compiled a list of travel packages throughout MYANMAR. Alternatively we can design your tour vacations to suit your every need and interest. Why not travel to Myanmar with your Myanmar Elite Tours and you will NEVER be disappointed!

No matter where you want to go in Myanmar, we can take you there in style and within your budget. On your Myanmar Vacations, we make sure you enjoy the full experience of Myanmar, the cultures, the magnificent scenery, the history, and Myanmar's greatest asset, its friendly and smiling people and their diverse cultures!

While catering all the travel related services, we specialize in:

- Escorted Tours

- Tailored-made Tours

- Incentive Tours

- Business (seminar/inspection) Arrangements

- Tour Guide & Interpreter Services

- Ticketing Services (air, boat, train, etc.)

- Charter Arrangements (plane, boat, railway carriage, car, etc.)

- Hotel Reservations

- Photographing & Video Filming Arrangements


- International Air & Sea Freight Forwarding for both Inbound & Outbound

Kids en route PINDAYA


We would like to thank for the following people for their contributions:

Mr. Robert Leon Holland (Bob) and Mrs. Powell Joan Margaret (Joan) who constantly support us with their unconditional love, valuable support and helped us all along the way. Our thanks also go to Mr. Rudolf Feickert and Mrs. Bärbel Feickert, for thinking of us, believing in us and giving us their wonderful pictures and support of our site. You all are our moral-boosters and we love you guys!

We also want to thank Mr. Alon Krashinsky and Ms. Chris Lam for their lovely pictures, and for all our dear guests with their valuable advice and insight into what the discerning travelers want and what our service needs in order to satisfy their expectations at every stage of their travel experience. If we have inadvertently let some names of important people who have helped us in any way slip past us, we apologize for the oversights and greatly appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts.